BIG Balloon(39inch Size)

Strawberry Holographic Foil Balloon(39inch)

Before Inflate Size:H49inchxW39inch

After Inflate Size:H39inch×W30inch


Banana Holographic Foil Balloon(39inch)

Before Inflate Size:H14inchxW47inch

After Inflate Size:H9inch×W45inch


●Since these balloons come completely with a self-seal valve, it is not necessary to heat seal the balloon after it is inflated.
●Custom printing are available for these balloons. Minimum order for custom print starting from 10,000 pieces and above.

Handling precautions
・After inflating the balloon gas, please pinch the nozzle with your fingers to prevent the gas from leaking.
・The size of the balloons after inflating may change depending on the environment such as temperature and humidity. Please take note.
・Due to the shape of the balloon, please inflate the balloon slowly and carefully to prevent it from bursting.