Lantern Balloon with Led

Lantern Balloon with Led
This is a three-dimensional balloon made possible by the high quality film made in Japan and the high processing skills of our craftsmen. ●It comes with a balloon valve ,so there is no need to heat seal the balloon when it is inflated . ●If you set up a lot of balloon lanterns at night , you can create a beautiful , romantic dream alike atmosphere .
This LED can be easily attach to EasyUp lantern balloon , switch on manually to turn on the LED light , use the remote to change LED colour .

It can be lit with button batteries, and the batteries can be replaced.
When used in balloon lanterns, it creates a beautiful dream-like view.
Before Inflate:H29inch×W13inch
After Inflate:H17inch×W14inch×W14inch
Handing precaution  
・After helium gas are inflated into the lantern balloon . Make sure you pinch the balloon valve with your fingers to prevent helium gas form leaking .
・When floating many lantern balloons in the sky, please keep a distance between them. If the distance is too close, the strings will get tangled.
・Lantern balloons cannot be used on windy or rainy days.