Washi Balloon

Washi Balloon
It was developed based on the image of traditional Japanese paper, which has both a soft and delicate texture and durability.
Please enjoy the touch, texture, and fluffiness that only Japanese paper can provide with its ancient Japanese patterns. You can write on it with a water-based pen or an oil-based pen.
●With our unique technology, we are able to manufacture these balloon’s surface to achieved the same visual and texture of Japanese traditional Paper ( Washi )
●Custom printing are available for these balloons. 
●Yokohama balloons are the world’s only manufacturer to manufacture these Japanese traditional paper “Washi” balloons.

Handling precautions
・These balloons are made without balloon valve. Please use heat sealer to seal the balloons after inflated with air.
・These are air-filled only balloons. Helium gas filled is NOT recommended. Please take note.
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